Class Schedule

Please note that, unless you are coming in on the Aerial Yoga Intro Offer or doing a one-time drop-in, you would need to RENT or BUY a silk to participate in our group aerial yoga classes. One-time rental is $10, monthly rental is $25, or you can own your silk for $120+tax. Go to the “Products” tab (on desktop, not the Mindbody app) in our online store to rent or purchase a silk.

NOTE: If you are dropping into a class, you have the option of using a studio silk at no extra charge (studio silks are washed regularly, but not between every user), or renting a freshly-laundered silk for an additional $10. Just choose from “Aerial Yoga Drop In with Studio Silk” or “Aerial Yoga Drop In with Freshly Laundered Silk” at checkout.