About Us

Our Mission

We are an aerial yoga and lyra studio that offers a safe space for open-minded and able-bodied people of all ages to practice, play, and explore their physical and mental limits as part of a supportive, like-minded community. Aerial yoga helps our clients to release muscle tension and mental stress, while strengthening their bodies, cultivating a stronger mind-body connection and allowing them to be playful, so they may move more easily through life. Our teachers live to share their own experiences and expertise, and to support our clients through a rewarding and transformative journey into self-exploration. Join our carefully-guided aerial yoga classes and lyra classes or book a private session to pursue your own journey of self-discovery in our contemporary space.


Our Studio

Earth & Aerial Yoga is a fully-equipped aerial yoga studio that also offers lyra classesprivate aerial yoga partiesone-on-one training sessionsworkshopskids aerial yoga classes and aerial yoga teacher trainings. Our aerial yoga classes and private group sessions can accommodate up to 17 students, although this capacity has been reduced to 8 per class, due to current state restrictions on group exercise classes. In our aerial yoga classes, we recommend that students wear tops with sleeves for comfort and socks with grip, in order to keep our studio and their silks as clean as possible.

At our studio, safety is our top priority, and we have taken every measure to ensure it! Our rigging system was designed and installed by a stage rigging expert, who works with a wide variety of systems, supporting aerial acrobats and performers around the country. Our aerial yoga silks are made of strong, durable material, which does not stretch with each use and can support between 3,000 – 6,000 lb. The entire rigging system is regularly checked and maintained to ensure it remains safe and reliable.


Our Owners

Katharine Scalora and Lora Markova first met when Lora took Katharine’s aerial yoga class at a studio she had been teaching at for several years. Lora had been considering opening a yoga studio in Hudson, MA, and was intrigued by adding an aerial yoga component. She quickly fell in love with Katharine’s teaching style, and decided to take her Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2018. After the training, Lora was convinced that she and Katharine were meant to collaborate and approached her about opening the yoga studio together. After a couple of months of discussions, the duo decided to go for it! They signed their first lease in March 2019 and opened their doors just two months later, on May 17, 2019. Learn more about Katharine and Lora’s background on our Team page.