Aerial Yoga Classes

Please note that, unless you are coming in on the 30-Day Unlimited New Student Special or doing a one-time drop-in, you would need to RENT or BUY a silk to participate in our group aerial yoga classes. One-time rental is $10, monthly rental is $25, or you can own your silk for $120+tax. Go to the “Products” tab (on desktop, not the Mindbody app) in our online store to rent or purchase a silk.

NOTE: If you are dropping into a class, you have the option of using a studio silk at no extra charge (studio silks are washed regularly, but not between every user), or renting a freshly-laundered silk for an additional $10. Add “one-time silk rental” under Products tab at checkout.

Aerial Yoga Essentials – Beginner

Come and learn the fundamental skills required to establish a safe and balanced aerial yoga practice.  The slow pace of this class will allow an aerial yoga novice to acclimate to the silk gradually and become more comfortable with working with the silk.  There is an opportunity to modify every pose to be in contact with the floor as desired. During this hour long class, you will be guided through standing postures using the silk as a prop, seated postures using the silk as a sling, and some simple inversions.  The class will conclude with an extended savasana while you are cocooned in the safety of your own silk hammock. Aerial Yoga Essentials OR Aerial Yoga Foundations is a prerequisite for attending any other aerial yoga classes, unless prior approval by instructor.

NOTE: Aerial Yoga Essentials on Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM also feature a crystal bowls sound bath. Crystal bowls help harness sound and vibration to create a space of peace and love. When our body is in dis-ease, we are literally out of tune or vibrating off key. Disharmony can manifest mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Through the use of sound healing, we can shift the vibration of the diseased or disharmonious area to bring it back into harmony and essentially balance and heal it.

Aerial Yoga All Levels

Flow through a series of stretching and strengthening aerial yoga poses that are tailored to meet you at your level. As you move through the class, your instructor will offer both modifications and advancements, so you may honor your body and challenge yourself, as needed. This class is open to aerial yogis of all levels, so long as they have taken at least one Aerial Yoga Essentials class.

Functional Aerial Yoga Flow

Jump, hang, swing and remind your body of the way it was designed to move in this playful, strength-based class. Discover the benefits of focusing on the way your muscles and joints interact and align, as you complete full body movements and engage the deep stability muscles for better overall health and injury prevention. Class consists of a general warm-up, a series of familiar yoga poses using the silk as a prop, and fun functional movement sequences. Class ends with a well-deserved savasana. Aerial Yoga Essentials or prior instructor approval is a prerequisite to attend this class.

Aerial Yoga Flow & Restore

This specially designed class is composed of  three aerial yoga flow sequences, each ending with a longer held restorative aerial yoga pose, followed by traditional savasana in the aerial hammock.  This practice is both actively challenging and restful, heating and cooling, and extremely balancing for both body and mind.

Aerial Yoga Deconstructed

This intermediate class is appropriate for aerial yoga students that are interested in furthering their practice by learning more challenging poses in a workshop style setting. Each month, we will break down an intermediate pose and learn a longer sequence working up to a peak pose. Warm up and strengthening will be geared towards the pose of the month. It is recommended that any yogi considering this class attend at least 5 regular aerial yoga classes, have a strong sense of comfort and safety working with the silk, and a strong level of fitness.

Aerial Get Fit

Lift up and firm up in this energizing class. Designed to support your regular aerial practice, this training program will take your strength and mobility to the next level. Each session guides you through a series of bodyweight exercises that use the aerial silk and are intended to target muscle weakness in the most challenging areas. Bring your positive attitude and get ready to get fit!

Open Studio Time

Get the studio all to yourself and enjoy some private hang time. Open to more experienced practitioners, who can practice without a teacher’s guidance.