New Students


Congratulations! You’ve decided to try something new. Learn to fly with our aerial yoga and aerial hoop classes–NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Start with 30 days of unlimited group classes and get to know our studio, offerings and teachers.

NOTE: This intro offer is only available to new students who’ve never been to our studio. If you have previously attended a class or event with us, but have not taken advantage of the intro offer, follow this link to claim yours now!

Welcome To Our Studio!

We are excited you’ve found us , and we’d love to help guide you as you embark on your aerial journey with us. Please be assured that you do not need any experience to take classes with us. In fact, most of our first-time clients have never done aerial yoga, aerial hoop, or even traditional yoga, before they come to us.

Now that you know you CAN do this, the best place to start is with our 30-Day Unlimited New Student Special. This amazing intro offer will give you the opportunity to explore and experience our wide variety of aerial yoga and aerial hoop styles, teachers and classes. Let’s get you started!

Try Our Group Classes

We offer 25+ weekly adult aerial yoga and aerial hoop classes. Regardless of your previous experience, students who are new to our studio are required to start with Aerial Yoga Essentials and/or Aerial Hoop Essentials. These beginner-level classes help you get oriented to the silk and the hoop and teach the fundamental skills required to establish a safe and balanced aerial practice at a slower pace. You can take as many Essentials classes as you like, before trying a more challenging option.

NOTE: Advanced registration is required, and our waitlists are fluid! You can see our full schedule here.

Start With Private Lessons

Trying aerial yoga or aerial hoop for the first time in a group class can be intimidating, which is why you may benefit from individual instruction, where you can take things at your own pace and have your instructor’s undivided attention and expertise. Besides providing you with a fully personalized workout and individually tailored instruction, a private lesson can also help you benefit from increased motivation and accountability.

NOTE: Private sessions are not included in the 30-Day Unlimited New Student Special. If you feel better having reinforcements, you can also bring a friend for a Semi-Private session.

Got Questions?

If we can assist you in any way with choosing your next class or by answering any of your questions, please feel free to call us, email us, or touch base with an instructor at the studio.

Thank you for trying us out, and we look forward to hanging with you soon!