New Students



Congratulations! You’ve decided to try something new. Learn to fly with our aerial yoga and lyra classes–NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Start with 30 days of unlimited group classes and get to know our studio, offerings and teachers.

Start Your Aerial Journey

Welcome to Earth & Aerial Yoga! We are excited to welcome you into our studio and to help guide you as you embark on your aerial yoga and lyra journey with us. We hope that you will take every opportunity to explore our unique and varied offerings and experience as many of our styles, teachers and classes as you can. Here are just some of your options:


We require every student who is new to aerial yoga and/or lyra to start with our Aerial Yoga Essentials and Lyra Essentials classes. These beginner-level classes help you get oriented to the silk and the hoop and teach the fundamental skills required to establish a safe and balanced aerial practice at a slower pace. You can take as many Essentials classes as you like, before trying a more challenging option. Remember: no experience is necessary to attend these!



If you would like to practice slowing down, both physically and mentally, then our Aerial Yoga Flow & Restore classes will support you in creating a calming, meditative experience to allow your nervous system the time and space to reset.



If you are looking to stretch and strengthen a specific area of your body, consider our Aerial Yoga Happy Hips or Aerial Yoga Better Back classes that will help you relieve common aches and pains and leave you feeling more comfortable in your own body.



If you are someone who loves a physical challenge, and you have already taken a few Aerial Yoga Essentials classes, then give Aerial Yoga Functional Flow, Aerial Yoga Mixed Levels or Aerial Get Fit a try. 

If you’ve started to feel comfortable with your hoop skills in Lyra Essentials and your instructor has given you the green light, then try Lyra Mixed Levels

If you are ready to push your boundaries, you can fly even higher in our Aerial Yoga Flips & Tricks, Aerial Yoga Deconstructed, Lyra Deconstructed or Lyra Flow classes (but be sure to note the prerequisites for each of these).



We offer 25+ group classes per week, so check out our schedule to find a time that works for you! Please remember to register in advance for all group classes, and don’t be shy about signing up for our waitlist–spots open up all the time!  

If we can assist in any way with choosing your next class or answering any questions, please feel free to contact us or touch base with an instructor at the studio. Thank you for trying us out, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Start With A Private Session

Trying aerial yoga or lyra for the first time in a group class can be intimidating, and some students may benefit from individual instruction at their own pace. Private sessions are for those who would prefer to begin their practice in a one-on-one setting, or those who would like to work on developing or advancing specific aspects of their aerial skills. No experience necessary!