Lyra Classes

What is Lyra?

Lyra, also known as aerial hoop or cerceau, is a metal apparatus resembling a hula hoop that is suspended from the ceiling and used to perform aerial acrobatics. Lyra classes allow practitioners to float and create beautiful shapes in their aerial hoop, while building strength, flexibility and confidence. Our aerial hoops are rigged on a single swivel point, which allows them to both swing and spin.

Our studio offers a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced level lyra classes that can accommodate up to 6 students. Learn more and sign up below.

Lyra Essentials – Beginner (Required)

This is where you begin. Here you will learn the essentials of lyra safety, such as points of contact and weight placement, as well as how to build the needed strength, flexibility, and body awareness to safely mount, dismount and invert. In Essentials, you will learn and gain competency in a variety of fundamental lyra moves and simple combinations.  This class is perfect for those new to lyra, those wishing to practice the fundamentals or those returning to lyra after time away.

Requirements:  No prior aerial hoop experience needed and all levels are welcome.

Lyra Mixed Levels

Mixed Levels Lyra works on building your strength, flexibility and body awareness through the practice of lyra sequences. Your instructor will offer both modifications and advancements, as needed, to meet you at your level, so that you may honor your body, as well as challenge yourself at your growing edges.  

Requirements:  This class is open to lyra students of all levels, who have mastered inverting and dismounting the aerial hoop safely and independently.

Lyra Flow

Lyra Flow uses many familiar lyra moves and combines them in new ways to build a choreographed routine set to music over the course of a few weeks. With an emphasis on transitions and phrases, learn to weave, twist and turn with greater effortlessness and ease, while using all parts of the aerial hoop. Lyra Flow is your opportunity to connect technique with expression and musicality, as you play and challenge yourself to fly in new ways.

Requirements:  Lyra Flow requires that you must be able to safely and independently invert and dismount the aerial hoop. Competency with basic lyra moves required.

Lyra Deconstructed

Lyra Deconstructed is our most advanced lyra class, and it is offered to students with a solid foundation of strength, flexibility and body awareness within the aerial hoop. Here students learn a broad variety of challenging moves, transitions and combinations, using every part of the apparatus. Skills include drops, split strap work, and others.

Requirements:  You must have significant prior aerial hoop experience or instructor approval, in order to take this class.

Open Studio Time

Wish you could practice the aerial yoga or lyra poses you see on Instagram? Want to troubleshoot and master an aerial yoga or lyra sequence that’s been eluding you? Come on in for our open studio time! Open studio time is an option for our more experienced practitioners who want their own hang time to enjoy using the studio space for their own practice. Self-guided practice often yields the most significant gains and is a wonderful way to turn your attention inward without distractions. Students will need to rent or purchase a silk for use. Studio lyras are provided at no charge. Staff will rig your apparatus and then you are on your own to explore!

Requirements: Prior approval from an instructor is required to attend Open Studio Time. Students must have a high level of fitness, feel a strong sense of comfort and safety with their apparatus, and be comfortable with working independently.