How Aerial Yoga Changed My Life

February 12, 2024
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February 12, 2024 Lincoln Alexander

Several years ago, while on a girls’ weekend, my sister and I took our first aerial yoga class. We were in our mid 50s then and had no prior experience with “flying,” but we made it through and were both instantly hooked! It became our thing to seek out aerial yoga whenever we got together. Eventually, I wanted more than just sporadic trips to random studios, so I looked for local options, and, about two years ago, I found my forever aerial yoga home. Since then, I have been diving headfirst into my newfound passion—practicing regularly and even becoming a certified aerial yoga instructor!

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A little background on me—I am a 60-year-old software engineer who loves to move. For the past 15 years, in my spare time, I’ve also been working as a personal trainer with our aging population to help them incorporate fitness into their later years. So, you can say I am relatively fit and have plenty of experience with all kinds of fitness modalities. But regularly practicing aerial yoga has been a brand-new challenge for me, and it has changed my life in completely unexpected ways.

Aerial Yoga Brought Me More Excitement Than Traditional Yoga

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I usually gravitate towards workouts that are more active and come with an endorphin rush. So, traditional yoga classes never resonated with me. Sure, yoga makes me feel calm and relaxed, but my mind wanders too much, and, more importantly, I never walk away eager to return to class.

Aerial yoga is different. I find myself completely absorbed in trying to understand new ways to move, and then convincing my brain and body to go for it. Each little victory leaves me wanting more, and I always walk away feeling happy and buzzing with energy. I can practically feel myself getting stronger and more capable with every aerial yoga class. Most importantly, I am always excited for the next session, and am usually booked out for weeks!

Aerial Yoga Made Me Grow Taller

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As I age, I swear I’m getting taller, not shrinking, thanks to a piece of aerial yoga silk. The decompression that comes with hanging upside down in the fabric feels amazing! You can’t get this kind of release, this easily, any other way. My chiropractor misses me.

Plus, thanks to the deep stretches that come from having my limbs in the silk, tight areas in my neck, back, shoulders and hips are now nimble and fluid. I fully attribute these amazing changes in my body to my regular aerial yoga practice.

Aerial Yoga Boosted My Confidence

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But it’s not all about my body. An entirely unexpected biproduct of this practice was my newfound self-confidence. Aerial yoga challenges me to invert, and flip, and climb, and scratch my head wondering how that move is possible. I don’t always overcome my fear of trying a new pose in a single class, but I watch, analyze, and usually try it the next time.

After mastering dozens and dozens of poses and transitions I was previously convinced I wasn’t capable of, I can proudly say that I now truly believe in myself. This self-confidence has emerged in many other parts of my life, outside of my aerial yoga classes, and for this I am truly grateful.

Aerial Yoga Helped Me Discover My Community

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I have found an incredible sense of camaraderie and community in aerial yoga. People are tackling their fears, challenging their physical limits, and striving to learn new things together. Celebrating these successes for and with each other is a big part of aerial yoga. People help, encourage, and lift each other up.

There is nothing cooler than having your own personal cheer squad that erupts every time you accomplish something you thought was impossible. The people you hang with in an aerial yoga class become your family, and I love my family dearly!

Aerial Yoga Inspired Me To Give Back

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Now that I’ve transformed my occasion girls-weekend adventures into a full-time passion, I am eager to spread the love. Aerial yoga has too many amazing benefits not to be shared with everyone open-minded enough to try it. So, I have taken the plunge, completed my Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, and am now a certified aerial yoga instructor.

You’ll find me teaching community classes and private sessions at Earth & Aerial Yoga at least once a week, so keep an eye out for my name on the schedule. Hope to hang with you soon!

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Lincoln Alexander

Lincoln’s aerial yoga journey began with a girl’s day out in 2019. One class and she was hooked! She and her sister began seeking out aerial yoga classes whenever they traveled. Her passion deepened when she became an EAY member in 2021, and she soared through the Earth & Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program in 2023. Aerial yoga makes her intensely happy and, with each new pose or transition she learns, she finds a deeper sense of confidence and self-awareness. Lincoln is a full-time software engineer and product owner who loves to move. She is also a NASM certified personal trainer and has been teaching small group fitness classes for over 15 years. She works primarily with an aging population who inspire her weekly and, although they find her aerial pursuits a bit eccentric, they love to learn about her latest flips and tricks. Beyond the silk, Lincoln finds happiness in teaching, hiking, paddling, traveling, and making ice cream.